Specialist Surfacing
We use Dekorgrip™ to create an attractive and hard-wearing surface. This decorative binder material for natural stone aggregates is extremely durable and can be tailored to individual requirements, including the addition of anti-skid aggregates.

Dekorgrip™ is suitable for paths, drives, walkways and courtyards and for a variety of applications in parks.

Composition and manufacture
Dekorgrip™ is a resin-bonded, two-part surface dressing material for binding aggregates. Aggregates supplied include bauxite, flint, pea gravel, basalt, granite and marble, available from 0.5mm upwards.

Finish and appearance
Through our supplier Meon Marketing we can provide you with a wide range of colours and textures of Dekorgrip™.

Colours available:

Chinese Buff Bauxite
Chinese Grey Bauxite
Amber Flint
Corn Flint
Golden Pea Gravel
Black Basalt
Venetian Red
Salmon Pink
Crushed White

Installation and maintenance
Dekorgrip™ is very simple to lay and can be used on top of existing surfaces. With minimal preparation Dekorgrip™ will cover asphalt, concrete, timber and steel.

The two-part system – resin and hardener – is mixed and spread over the prepared area. Aggregate is sprinkled over the top while the resin and hardener are still tacky. Any excess is brushed away the next day.

Simple brushing or pressure-washing dirt or leaves away will keep the surface in pristine condition.

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