The Challenge: Long-standing customer Jewsons, the building materials supplier, wanted to replace 90% of its yard, but it needed to keep the yard open to customers at all times.

The Work: The contract involved excavation, sub basing, draining, binder course and surfacing with SMA.

The Result: All work was completed in just 4 weeks at a cost of £120,000 in July 2006.
Old Barn Nurseries
The Challenge: Old Barn Nurseries approached us in 2004 to build a shop with an incorporated outside area to showcase its plants, trees, sheds and paving products. It was already October and Old Barn needed the shop ready for the Christmas crowds.

The Work: We carried out extensive drainage work, lighting installation and ducting, as well as installing a sprinkler system to water the plants and trees. The whole 3,000m2 shop area was covered in red and black SMA surface course with block-paved connecting footpaths.

The Results: The contract was completed in just 6 weeks at a cost of £210,000 and we have since carried out further projects for the nursery.
Upper Deanland Road, Balcombe

At a recent meeting of the Frontagers Association, I received many favourable comments on both the quality of our road following the works and of the low level of disruption caused by the construction team. Indeed we were so impressed that we decided to donate £100 as a personal thank you to the team that carried out the work over the three days.

I will contact you next year when it is time for the surface dressing to be laid.

Many thanks to everyone at Batten Civil Engineering.

Malcom Kenward - Chairman - Upper Deanland Road Frontagers Association

"The Street", Bramber

The Challenge: To completely resurface the street in Bramber.

The Work: Drainage, excavation, kerbing, street lighting, furniture and signage and block paving.

The Result: The street was completely transformed in 8 weeks during Autumn 1993.

Little Brook Farm House, Newchapel

Whilst I have told you how pleased I am with your work in repairing and surfacing of my lane and driveway area, I would just like to say, by way of this letter, how pleased I am.

The detailed discussions I had with you before we committed to you were helpful and reassuring that I was going to get just what I wanted - better as it turned out!

One must be very careful in selecting a reputable company to be entrusted with this type of work - we have all heard the horror stories! Which is why I wanted to write to you as a recommendation to anyone considering such work, that I have found you - and all of your workforce whom I had the pleasure to provide cups of tea for - exemplary and could not be bettered.

Attitude, quality, clearing away, finished product - just perfect. THANK YOU

John Reaks - Little Brook Farm House, Newchapel

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